Hello! You can call me Suicide or Silence, whichever you prefer. I'm a digital artist that will soon be opening commissions. I'll be updating when I'm open for commissions. I'll be using Tumblr for WIPs.

Bit about me: I'm 22 (will be 23 in June), Gemini, Demisexual/Greysexual, Female, I like to draw creatures from real to fantasy,... I can't really think of anything else to add at the moment, but feel free to ask me anything you like.
Artist n Clients
ToS + Commission Prices/Examples


we need more characters like this out here in animation


That was so beautiful


This cuteness gives me a serious caries.

I love the idea for the second picture ; 3 ;

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This little guy was just strutting along the side of the road, couldn’t have cared less when we drove up beside him.


"Badass Versions of Beloved Characters"

by Sylvain Sarrailh:


These jellyfish (Mastigias sp.) inhabit a saltwater lake, and are effectively cut off from the sea. They have lost the ability to sting, and obtain all or most of their nutrition from symbiotic algae living within their tissues. (Palau, Micronesia) by David Hall


Caribbean Reef Squid, Sepioteuthis sepioidea - St. Vincent, Caribbean. The most common squid seen by scuba divers in the Caribbean. Like most cephalopods, it has the ability to change color quickly to blend in with its surroundings. Color changes also are used for communication by David Hall


Moonti’s Tropical Landscape Part II

ToS + Commission Prices/Examples

Subject matter of art

I will draw, and would like to learn to draw, a vast majority of things. Somethings I’m better at then others, and somethings I wish to improve upon. Backgrounds and very detailed characters will take longer than most works. If there is anything below not listed that you would like to commission from me please ask.

Love to draw:

Canines, felines, dragons, fantasy creatures, and interesting creature hybrids

Like to draw:

Horses, Goats, Deer, other creatures, accessories (jewelry, collars, etc.), floating island scenery, candles, and feathers

Wish to get better at:

Anthros, taurs, backgrounds, detailed characters, armor, mech/automail, lighting, and starry backgrounds

Don’t mind drawing:


Will NOT draw:

Adult situations and most fetishes. However, do ask if you are uncertain.

Contacting me

You can contact me through either note or email (but please note me for my email) with commission in the title.

Please include reference sheets or clear images of your character. I won’t take written descriptions as I feel I wouldn’t be able to correctly draw your character.


Payment will only be accepted through PayPal and only in US currency.

The PayPal fee is included in the commission prices.

If commissioning me through FurAffinity do not mention that on PayPal.

Payment is to be sent after the finalized sketch is approved. If I am working on your commission during a livestream and you are there you can wait until the livestream is over to send your payment if you wish.

I will update you about your commission during sketching to ensure that the characters/posing is correct, once finalized the next update will be after flat coloring to ensure correct markings/colors, and again after shading for any remaining details before finishing the piece.

Cancellations and Refunds

You can cancel and ask for a refund at any time. If you wish to cancel while the commission is still only flat colored you will get a full refund, and depending on how far along in the shading will depend on if you get a full or partial refund.

If the picture is finished there will be no refund made and you will still receive the image.

Changes to the Commission

Any changes made during the sketching will be free.

Any small changes to the colors and lines will also be free.

Any large changes will have a fee of $5.

Any accessory additions will be free or $5 depending on the impact to the image.


If you do not want me to livestream your commission let me know.

If you want the commission by a certain date (that is reasonable) make sure that is one of the first things you tell me.

Commission Prices


Base Price: $7.00

With PayPal fee: $7.52

Additional Character: +$2

More complex characters will have a $3-5 additional fee.


Base Price: $10.00

With PayPal fee: $10.61

Additional Character: +$4

More complex characters will have a $5-8 additional fee.


Base Price: $8.00

With PayPal fee: $8.55

Double Icons: $6.00*

Triple Icons: $8.00*

*Will be added onto the base price.


Base Price: $15.00

With PayPal fee: $15.76


Base Price: $29.00

With PayPal fee: $30.18

Additional Character: +$10.00

More complex characters will have a $10-15 additional fee.


Shadow Only: Free

Simple: $5.00*

Complex: $10-20 depending upon the background*

*Will be added onto the base price.

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Identification posters for bumblebees of the eastern and western United States. You can download printable pdf versions at the link.

Bringing this back since it’s spring.



Peacock Spider (x)

"hey baby, hey"





if you don’t like these you can just go away from me for a few mins lol